In Jewelry I, II, and III, the student will use jewelry tools and equipment and begin mastering techniques.

Jewelry I

  • soldering
  • sawing
  • riveting
  • embossing/texturing

Jewelry II

  • filing, finishing
  • piercing
  • forming
  • bezel making

Jewelry III

  • wire bending
  • forging
  • metal forming
  • stone setting

These are time-honored techniques handed down for centuries that are essential in building a solid foundation as a jeweler. Each course is taught by close-up demonstrations and hands-on experience. Each class, Jewelry I, II, and III, increase in the level of difficulty and builds on the previously learned skills. For example, soldering will continue in Jewelry II and III but at a more advanced level. Materials used in these classes are primarily bronze, copper, and sterling silver.

A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of Jewelry III for all those who have completed all three classes.


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